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Interview training

Panel interviews are typically used by Public Sector organizations to vet the final candidates. We provide a one-hour training to panelists to prepare them to get the most out of the brief interview. This includes how to score competencies that are assessed. 

Skill or knowledge gaps that are shared within a department, or more widely across the organization, can effectively be addressed through training. This can take place in a formal classroom setting, or less formally through on-the-job experiences. Here are a few types of training we can bring to your organization.   


resiliency 101: Don't just Survive — thrive!

Resiliency 101 is a half-day workshop for organizations that want their people to ACT not just REACT to today's magnitude and pace of change. Organizations need resilient people who can survive and thrive when faced with challenges, setbacks, adversity, and rapidly shifting priorities.

Research indicates resilient people choose to embrace specific beliefs and behaviors. Participants will leave this workshop knowing what those beliefs and behaviors are. They’ll also take away simple, effective tools to build their resiliency quotient. Resiliency 101 helps participants take personal responsibility for their lives and moves them from passivity to action so that they create the results they want for their organizations and themselves.

What Makes This Workshop Unique?
Resiliency 101 is for those interested in making positive, demonstrable changes in their lives.  Specifically it:

  • Provides people with practical tools, grounded in theory and research, to change behaviors and beliefs that keep them surviving instead of thriving.
  • Offers participants a real-time opportunity to work on a current challenge.
  • Helps people sustain behavior change through a series of reinforcement activities, including a one-on-one individual coaching session.
  • Enables participants, through the Stress Resiliency Profile, to measure the degree to which they’ve changed their mental habits from stress-inducing to resiliency-inducing. 

What Do Participants Learn?
Workshop participants learn to:

  • Identify the life-enhancing beliefs and behaviors of truly resilient people.
  • Decide whether their current beliefs and behaviors are creating more stress or encouraging more resiliency in their lives. 
  • Use simple but powerful tools to increase their resiliency in any situation.
  • Apply one resiliency-enhancing technique to more effectively address a current challenge.