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A strong team exceeds the sum of its parts. Working as a team is hard and takes commitment, but once a team has uncovered their collective cadence, the results are spectacular. We use several approaches to help a team come together and utilize each individual’s strengths. Most recently, we have relied on the work of Patrick Lencioni to structure our work with teams. Deeply aware of the necessity for diversity in thought, experience, and style, we have had success in helping teams uncover the need for greater diversity or the need to utilize existing diversity more effectively. Her are some specific areas where we aid in team development.

Team building

five functions of a healthy team

Patrick Lencioni identifies five components of a healthy team. We use his model to help teams understand the importance of building trust, leaning into conflict, commitment to the team, holding self and others accountable, and driving results.  

team formation

Forming, storming, norming, performing. We've all heard of Tuckman's stages of group development, but some teams struggle to create and work through conflict. We use specific tools to help teams comfortably raise and work through conflict so that they can move on to norming and performing. 

working with Style Preferences

Styles of thinking, relating, organizing, and making decisions vary from one person to the next. When styles within a team are similar it can create blind spots. When they are very different it is healthy, but can lead to misunderstandings or judgments about others' intent. We have several tools to help teams recognize and leverage style differences.

leveraging conflict 

We work with teams to identify individuals' styles of handling conflict. Conflict can be impassioned, it can frustrate people, and may be interpreted as mean spirited. Yet healthy conflict results in better ideas and greater commitment towards goals. We use several tools to help teams understand the importance of engaging in and working through conflict.