Public Sector Partners in Selection • Development • Promotion

steps in the process

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the position needs
  • Secure the buy-in of key constituents
  • Design and implementing a high-yield, targeted recruitment process
  • Accurately screen applicants to focus on those most qualified
  • Involve key stakeholders in selection by designing interview protocols and training interviewers
  • Assess the capabilities of candidates through a comprehensive assessment process
  • Perform background checks on applicants
  • Communicate with candidates, media, and others as directed by the client organization
  • Facilitate the negotiation and hiring process

Unlike trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack, BCD Consulting Group is uniquely equipped to help public entities recruit and confidently select individuals for key positions such as City Manager, County Administrator, Police and Fire Chiefs, and other department heads. Using our assessment expertise as a core, these expanded services help locate, screen, and select the individual who best fits your organizational requirements – fulfilling the goal of “no surprises.”  The process is flexible, allowing your organization to perform any of the tasks. It also allows for the accurate evaluation of both internal and external candidates.

executive recruitment & selection