Public Sector Partners in Selection • Development • Promotion

Selection and promotion decisions are among the most critical in any organization and particularly in public sector organizations operating under Civil Service-type constraints. We excel in designing procedures which identify individuals possessing the highest degree of merit. Equally important, careful design, communication, and feedback minimize the probability of complaint by those individuals not selected or promoted.

We have standard offerings for a variety of positions including all ranks of law enforcement and fire/emergency services. We also offer customized procedures for any position that might require these services. Results are quantifiable, allowing for the creation of valid eligibility lists.

promotion and selection TOOLS

Panel Interview

We are experts in the design, training, and scoring or panel interviews which are highly predictive of future job success. We also offer assistance in the selection of appropriate panel members.


Over the last 37 years, we have created and refined a wide array of simulations and work samples, which offer the highest degree of predictive accuracy and defensibility. For police and fire positions, we offer a menu of options including in-baskets, role-plays, presentation exercises, and group discussions.


Background and Experience Rating Form (B&E):  We have pioneered the B&E which is easily customized to meet the specific needs of the position and gives credit to candidates whose background and experience best demonstrates competence in position-specific characteristics

ratings by others

We have pioneered the Promotability Index (PI) which allows for a reliable and valid assessment of critical qualities which otherwise don’t lend themselves to other forms of assessment. The PI provides a measure of qualities such as integrity, maturity, rule following, etc., by having a large group of raters confidentially place candidates on the appropriate rung of a well-defined competence “ladder.” Inclusion of the PI in a promotional process greatly improves the probability that the right people will “float to the top.”

online testing

Depending upon the position, we offer standardized instruments tailored to job-related characteristics. In addition to offering instruments we have developed over the years, we have complete access to virtually any test vendor in the world.