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Cultural norms vary a great deal between and across organizations. Having a process for learning what are the norms is important. An onboarding partner and procedure will help new employees feel welcome and a part of the culture.  

Onboarding is the process by which new employees are socialized into the organization. It focuses on helping them adapt to your organization's culture, processes, and to acquire specific skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for success. Providing the right onboarding experience can help newcomers experience greater job satisfaction, performance, and reduce job-related stress. A genuine welcome and provision of tools and information can help build their commitment to the organization. There are three key components in this process.


It is important to celebrate early successes as new leaders acclimate to the culture. It is also important to recognize and reward them for new ideas they bring into their work. 


Acclimating into a new organization can be trying. New processes and technology need to be learned, and acquiring them can take time. An effective onboarding partner and process can ensure that new employees are invited to meetings, introduced to online training, and provided print materials to bring them up to speed.