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Leadership skills

Strategic thinking, vision, influence, collaboration, and decisiveness are just a few areas where we help leaders hone their skills. 

preparing and delivering effective presentations

It's not just the font or number of words per slide. It's nonverbal behaviors, tone of voice, clarity of mind that enables one to sell their position on an issue. 


Increasing one's resiliency can be accomplished by understanding the stress-inducing beliefs that get in the way of adapting to stressful situations. We use specific tools to pinpoint maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, and then work with the individual to replace them with resiliency-inducing behaviors. 


Coaching is a highly personal experience and needs to be tailored to the individual. Success is dependent on establishing a high level of trust between the coach and the leader. 

Other topics

Typical coaching topics include: balancing dominance with collaboration, influencing up, down and across, transitioning into a new role, providing meaningful feedback to others and operating as a team member versus an individual contributor. 

communication style and listening skills

The burden for establishing clear communications resides with the message sender. Whereas verbose, tangential speakers wear their audience down. those with sparse context and facts often miss opportunities to convey a meaningful message. We work with leaders to refine their communication style, read their audience, and develop active listening skills. 

style refinement

In the story of the three bears, Goldilocks found one bed too hard and another too soft. This is true of some leaders whose style is all work or all play with no in-between. We help leaders find their "sweet spot" where progress and results are driven while morale is preserved, even enhanced.