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What feedback is provided to the organization?

​​A half-hour feedback call is scheduled to walk through conclusions we draw from the assessment. Depending on the type of assessment a written report may be provided. ​Organizations do not receive results of specific inventories.

Where do assessments take place?

​​In our Minneapolis office, in your office, or virtually. Virtual assessments help you minimize expense for out of town candidates. Our office provides a distraction-free environment. Your office may provide convenience for your candidates.

Asssessment Q & A

What types of assessments do you offer?

​​We offer many types of assessments depending on the needs of the organization, position requirements, level of role, and culture. We can customize assessments to meet your needs or you can select from our standard offerings.

Are selection and promotion assessments legal?

​​The criteria for defensible assessments is that they be job-related and that valid, predictive inventories are used. Multiple methods of assessment enable us to identify themes rather than idiosyncratic behaviors. Validity is critical in assessment, especially for selection. ​​Multiple methods, such as inventories, simulations, and structured interviews, provide deep insight into the characteristics of the candidates. 

Do candidates receive feedback?

Yes. ​​For selection assessments we provide phone feedback to the candidate to review the overall strengths and development opportunities. Results of specific tests are not shared with the candidate. Development assessment participants receive an intensive, thorough two-hour feedback with the lead consultant. We review results of the instruments they have taken and results form the simulations. We discuss development plans and the candidate walks away with a draft development plan.   

What is the assessment process for candidates?

​​​​​​​You let the candidate know that we will contact them to schedule the assessment. We then contact the candidate to set up a date and time for the assessment. For leadership assessments we send candidates links to inventories and a schedule outlining their assessment day. Police and Fire promotion assessments are held at their site. We provide materials to your contact and may also provide panel interview training.

How do I schedule an assessment?

Call or email us with information on the position and timeframe for completion of the assessment. We will set up a precall with you and the lead assessor to identify specific questions you would like answered about the candidate.   

What is the lead time for scheduling an assessment?

​​Typically one week allows the candidate time to complete the inventories. Scheduling also depends on consultant availability, yet our cache of consultants affords us flexibility and responsiveness to work within your timeframe.