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online 360

To gather feedback on a broad number of competencies from a large group of raters online 360 is an efficient method. Here, raters complete an anonymous online feedback survey that covers a broad range of leadership competencies. A five-point rating scale provides numeric data for the individual being rated. Raters are also encouraged to provide write-in comments. The individual receiving the feedback completes a self-rating survey that enables comparison of his or her perceptions against those of others. 

verbal 360

When input on a limited number of competencies is desired, verbal 360 is a good way to approach the 360. It also offers raters an opportunity to suggest what the individual could do more of or less of to increase their leadership capabilities. Input from raters is confidential and reported in themes to the individual receiving feedback.  

360 feedback

The process for 360 feedback typically involves gathering input from an individual's boss, peers, and direct reports. Depending on the position a group of external raters, such as vendors or business partners, may be added in. With the exception of the boss, groups of five or more responders are necessary to get an accurate picture of the individual. This type of feedback is typically used for focusing development efforts.